Type of Aircon Service

Type of Aircon Service

So as to maintain your air conditioner in good shape, it is important that you acquire regular maintenance and services that will make sure that your air conditioning unit is fully operational.

Aircon Servicing-All You Need To Know

So as to maintain your air conditioner in good shape, it is important that you acquire regular maintenance and services that will make sure that your air conditioning unit is fully operational. Since the whole concept of an air conditioner is based on the circulation of air in a confined space, in time, it is obvious that unwanted particles like dust will collect and build up in the air conditioning unit thus compromising its performance. This is why it is vital that you get your air conditioning serviced and maintained regularly.

However, when it comes to obtaining air condition services, you ought to go for those service providers that have relevant experience in the field. The most successful way of doing so is by finding out from customer reviews and ratings. You can also review the portfolio of the service provide as it will definitely give you a good insight on the level of expertise of the services that the entity is providing. It is always more advisable that you look for an air conditioning service company that is versed in different types of air conditioning.

Different companies tend to have different strategies in selling their air conditioning servicing. They have also adopted innovative ideas that are much more likely to attract customers and bring their sales up. As a result, there are quite the number of different air conditioning services that you may opt to choose if you are intent on getting your air conditioning unit serviced.

There are two major types of air conditioning in the market. One of them is vacuum cleaning while the other is chemical treatment. You will find many vendors vouching for vacuum cleaning and preferring it over chemical wash treatment. However, there is no truth to this alleged statement. Vacuum cleaning may be fast but it comes with multiple limitations and can therefore never be as effective as chemical treatment.

Type of Aircon Service

  • First of all, vacuum cleaning of an air conditioning unit cannot remove some of the very compromising unwanted materials in the air ducts like stain, stubborn grime, fungi and grease. This makes this procedure very ineffective when done on its own. This is the reason why you still have to mop the floor with water even after you have vacuumed the floor.
  • Even though chemical treatment is much more effective for your air conditioner cleaning purposes, there are different kinds of procedures that are used in this method that will make a big difference to your air conditioning units. Chemical treatment may divided into two major categories. One of these is onsite chemical cleaning while the other is offsite chemical cleaning. Onsite cleaning is based on chemical cleaning services while off site cleaning is based on chemical overhaul services.

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  • When you make a comparison between both of these services, chemical cleaning is cheaper chemical overhaul thus making it a viable option if your funds have a limitation. This is mainly because some of the important procedures required for a proper chemical wash have been cut down from the overall process. It is referred to as onsite cleaning as the cleaning is done on the site while the fan is still mounted.
  • On the other hand chemical overhaul involves more of offsite cleaning. This is because the fan has to be removed from the wall and be dismantled so as to perform the chemical treatment. Both procedures may use chemical solution, but onsite cleaning is much easier and faster as compared to offsite cleaning. Now that you have this knowledge of air conditioning cleaning, it is going to be easy for you choose the right option for your air conditioning servicing.
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