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Servicing Aircon

Preventive maintenance or servicing an air condition on a timely manner has so many important benefits to the homeowner. The most important is in saving your time and money in the long run

Regular checkups on the belt, pump, filter and other important parts will help prolong the system life of the unit, and guarantee its peak performance at all times.

Servicing Aircon

Just imagine a scenario where your air conditioner would break down during the hot and humid summer! You can avoid such irritating situations by conducting regular servicing of the air conditioner. It will help keep your home environment at comfortable levels when it is most needed.

Replacing the air condition filters every 3-weeks is recommended to prolong the lifespan on the whole unit. The air filters of the unit would get dirty within no time due to all the impurities in the environment. A malfunctioning filter can reduce the efficiency of your unit by at least 40-60%. The unit will use more energy to run under such circumstances. This will have an adverse effect on your monthly energy bills too. This is why it is important to replace the filter of the air condition unit before it can negatively affect the whole unit.

Servicing Aircon

A well-maintained air condition unit will require less repairs in the long run. In fact, it is much easier and less expensive to replace the air filter or pump of the air condition on time than having to replace the whole unit due to severe damage. Regular maintenance offers the benefit of being able to locate problems in the air condition and repair them before the situation worsens. This will definitely help save money in the long run.

An air conditioner that runs efficiently will use less energy compared to an air condition that is having issues. When the unit is under undue stress due to worn belts or malfunctioning parts, it will use much more energy to operate. This will definitely cost you more money on energy bills. This is why it is important that you perform regular aircon servicing singapore

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