Aircon Servicing in Geylang

About Geylang: Geylang is a very popular place in Singapore. It is a posh neighborhood in Singapore. Geylang is located in the central area of the eastern side of Singapore. Geylang is known for its excellent quality residences and commercial establishments. In the recent years, there are many new companies and offices that have been established in Geylang. That is why there are also many agencies providing Aircon Servicing in Geylang. These Aircon Servicing in Geylang is a very popular concept and is very important. These places require AC all the time and that is why when any damage or any issue occurs, they look for agencies that can provide Aircon Servicing in Geylang.

Commencement of electricity and AC: The modern day world has travelled a lot from the ancient times till this age of cutting edge technology. The quest for a better life style, comfortable and luxurious life has made various inventions possible. The growing demand for better products has given rise to several companies and manufacturers. One such invention which changed the trend of living is the invention of the air conditioner. It was during the early years of the 19th century that human beings were able to manipulate the environment they lived. The Air conditioner is basically a device that alters the properties of air such as it can change the temperature by increasing and decreasing depending on the situation. This device also takes care of airborne microorganisms and thus giving a fresh air zone for the people. Soon this became a huge success and companies poured in with innovation and better technology, giving birth to a worldwide market of an air conditioner. After use of this air manipulator for years, there emerged one more industry alongside and one of them is the industry of air conditioner servicing. The arrival of these industries made life easier and comfortable for the consumers.

  • Better air conditioning – There are different parts that are used in modern day’s air conditioners. Following is some of those –
  • AC Timer – Saves energy and allows users to control the AC by an auto controller
  • Vav Box – Controls the cooling mode.
  • Rear netting for Air Conditioner – The net covering the outer side of the AC
  • Aluminum collar damper – This is used to avoid rattling noise.
  • Brass Distributors (Copper & Brass) – Suitable for longer service life and corrosion resistance
  • Air Conditioning Grills & Louver – Provides weather protection and allows maximum air flow.
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